I will never think less of myself

I will always think about my actions and consequences

I will always realize that I have a choice

I will treat others how I would want to be treated

I will tell at least three people a day something positive

I will take responsibility for my actions & grown from my lessons in life.



To encourage positive outcomes for youth and families through mentorship, outreach, supportive resources and development programs.


Facts and Statistics:  Youth provide new ideas and voices that will enthusiasm and investment in community structures.  In order to engage youth, adults must understand the invaluable impact of youth involvement.  This includes respecting youth culture, getting youth involved on all levels, and respecting their invaluable contribution to society.  Instead of youth involvement that is strictly limited to task oriented volunteerism, youth should be empowered to become full partners in the community development process.  Doing so allows them to establish a vested interest in long-term participation a  contribution to their community” (Brennan, Barnett, and Lesmeister, 2006)